RENEGADE YOGA* by Bianca Mazzola

"This ain't your momma's yoga... but maybe it should be" Bianca

Badass Barre

Though the barre is used on occasion, this flow is filled with Barre-inspired moves, that with the use of weights, creates muscle confusion and metabolic burn. You will achieve the Zen Effect while you shred your body.

Let go and just be.  Forget about the week you had and leave your stress on the mat so you can conquer the new week by attaining the Zen Effect.

Kids’ Yoga
In addition to developing and improving their agility, balance and strength, this yoga class is developed for younger audiences to address their specific needs in school, team activities and social situations including:

  • Increasing concentration and ability to focus
  • Develop/practice active listening skills
  • Enhancing both right and left side thinking 
  • Increasing Emotional stability

Meditation with a Reason

This guided meditation and discussion includes lesson on crystals and how to use them as tools for transformations such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Stress release
  • Anger management
  • Rebirth during/after divorce
  • Building successful relationships
  • Effective communications

Rebel Spirit
Set your rebel spirit free while challenging your mind and body with this innovative yoga flow. Build core strength, burn calories and increase your balance using weights, Dharma wheel and more. All this while achieving the Zen Effect.

Rebel Shed & Shred
Challenging practice of the Vinyasa Flow combined with the untraditional use of traditional props and equipment used on the mat. Weights, blocks, blankets, handstand canes, Dhrama wheels and more are used to engage your muscles for flexibility and strength, creating a longer lasting metabolic burn to shed and shred even after class.

About Bianca Mazzola

Bianca's love for the practice of yoga started in her teens and she's been actively practicing since. Through the years, she has remained actively engaged in the practice and has become a Yoga Alliance Certified instructor. Her profound study and intuitive knowledge of the human body has driven her personal mission: to use the beautiful engineering of the human body to create stability in the face of great instability.

That mission has led her to create an unorthodox approach to yoga, where she weaves in the artistry of meditation and her intuitive spiritual guidance counseling. She uses yoga not only as a means to heal our bodies, but to use it with specific guided meditation to create true transformation in her clients. This unique blend leads to a higher sense of self, healing emotional and mental traumas that can block or distract from one’s true potential and success. In her group classes, as well as with private clients, she sees each pose much like a prescription. It’s designed to facilitate universal God energy to heal and medicate emotional and physical ailments.

Bianca’s specialties in healing include: coping skills, weight loss, cutting, healing from change and trauma, removing fear, tapping into old memories, manifestation, connecting to divine power, creating clear, defined, focused thoughts that carry the appropriate energy which helps clients move quickly, with ease, in the desired direction.

She offers her intuitive spiritual guidance in person, over the phone or over Skype, as her connection comes directly through the soul. Her private sessions have a high rate of success, as the client is drawn to be completely present, the emotions can run honestly through the body and clear decisions about life can be made. Her private intuitive sessions bring balance to every area of life. Through her guidance she can see the possibilities in the future as she has a bird’s eye view of her clients’ pasts and present.

Bianca is driven to connect every student to his or her divine power, to heal and to take their physical practice to new levels.

*Yoga and meditation classes are offered at additional cost